Titleist 910 D3 Helped To Lower The Ball Flight On My Driver



I was able to hit the Titleist 910 D3 this weekend as well, despite the ever-too-slow melt that’s going on here.

The D3 is 445 CC, only 15 CC short of the D2 which is maxed at 460. There’s some cool technology behind this club, and based on it’s performance in this review – it definitely warrants some attention if you’re in the driver market. The sound off this club is extraordinary and something your really have to hear to understand. However with all the other club makers out there changing and making themselves “unique” by going the traditional route Titleist in fact is unique and this club has a cool design. I really like the fact the D3 helped to lower the ball flight on my driver, I hit the ball a mile high and sometimes lose roll because of this, with the titleist 910 d3 I was able to lower that ball flight and gain some roll after the ball contacted the ground initially. What held it back before in the 909 series – adjustability – is now either best-in-class or tied for first. I think Titleist’s method for adjustments not only makes the most sense but offers the better improvements sought after by the skilled golfer.

Helping to take this concept one step further is the relocation of the proprietary rear bezel weight. By taking it lower and deeper, and locating it on axis with the center of the club face, the CG is further optimized, and speed and stability are further promoted. When it came to swing weight, this Titleist driver felt incredibly light, and reminded me immediately of the Cleveland XL 270 I had tested earlier. The more I swung this club, the better it felt in my hands. With 2.25°of independent lie angle and loft angle adjustment, the 910 d3 driver achieve the goal of “a Tour van in a hosel.” If there was one fault with this club it would have to be accuracy, it may be as simple as a shaft change, but I saw about a 32-yard dispersion on about 20 golf balls, which was a little higher than some of the other clubs I tested. For more golf news, click the thesandtrap.com.

Overall these clubs are flashy because they stayed traditional, if that makes any sense at all; they have a very sleek look to it. Of all the features of the club I think the weighting is the best feature, this best 910 d3 driver feels great.



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